Dr. Wright's Story

Dr. Wright graduated dental school from the University of Tennessee, College of Dentistry in Memphis, TN in 2013. Six months before graduating him and his wife Finley added their first two members to their family by adopting their oldest JohnPaul and giving birth to Matthew.

Time in Peru

From 2013-2015 he volunteered full time as a dentist at Hospital Diospi Suyana, a missionary hospital dedicated to spreading the good news of Jesus. 

Work in Peru

While in Peru he gained invaluable experience working alongside dentists from around the world treating complex and extreme dental cases.

Corre Curahuasi

The “Corre Curahuasi” running club that he and his wife formed was their biggest joy while in Peru.

Peruvian Princess Emmaline

It was in Peru that Dr. Wright knew he wanted to pursue specializing in pediatric dentistry and just before they left, their Peruvian Princess Emmaline was born

Coastal Pediatric Dentistry

Before heading to pediatric residency he worked as a general dentist for Coastal Pediatric Dentistry for 2 years

Nova Southeastern University

A few weeks after this picture was taken they moved to Florida for residency and completed their family with the birth of their 4th child Harrison.

Gradute of Nova Southeastern University

In 2019 he completed his pediatric dental residency at Nova Southeastern University

Returning Home

Since finishing his residency program Dr. Wright has been working hard on transitioning back to Chattanooga and looks forward to utilizing his skills and years of experience to serve the children’s dental needs of in his hometown.