Dr. Salinas' Story

Dr. Salinas Graduating from Meharry Medical College.

Dr. Salinas attended Meharry Medical College in Nashville, TN. He earned both an MS in Health Sciences and a DDS over the course of his five year studies, graduating in 2017.

Starting a Family

Dr. Salinas with his wife, Beck, on their wedding day.

Prior to that, he met and married his wife, Becky, in 2014. They then added their daughter, Evie, to the family in 2016.

Dr. Salinas with his newborn baby, Evie.

Graduating Residency

Dr. Salinas graduating from East Carolina University School of Dentistry.

In 2019, Dr. Jon graduated from East Carolina University School of Dentistry residency program in pedodontics. From North Carolina, Dr. Jon and his family moved to Chattanooga, where they’ve lived ever since.

Traveling With His Family

Enjoying Hobbies

Dr. Salinas sitting on some rocks with his wife and daughter.

When he’s not working, Dr. Jon enjoys traveling with his family, exercising, teaching himself foreign languages, and protein.